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Poker Glossar

Poker Glossar. Action. Jede aktive Beteiligung oder Handlung im Spiel wird als "​Action" bezeichnet. Darunter fallen Check, Call, Raise oder auch ein Fold. Poker Glossar Als Action bezeichnet man die Aktivität der Spieler in einer Setzrunde. Solche Aktivitäten können Check, Bet, Call, Raise, Re-Raise oder Fold. Poker Glossar - Alle Begriffe die du beim Pokern kennen musst.

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Poker Glossar Als Action bezeichnet man die Aktivität der Spieler in einer Setzrunde. Solche Aktivitäten können Check, Bet, Call, Raise, Re-Raise oder Fold. Poker-Glossar. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV. Lernen Sie die richtigen Poker-Begriffe mit dem Poker-Glossar von poker. Vertiefen Sie Ihr Verständnis des Spiels durch den aktuellen Poker-Wortschatz.

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Poker Position Explained - What is Position in Poker? - Poker Position Names Strategy Tips

For example, if a card completes Hero's straight, but gives a flush to the Villain. Dime is a common slang term used in gambling and other activities that are involved heavily with money.

A dime refers to one thousand dollars. A bad player; commonly also used to describe a good player who suddenly did something stupid - "I played that hand like a complete donk.

To unexpectedly bet - "I donked the ace on the turn, hoping that the player who raised the flop would fold. When a player goes all-in and is called by a bigger stack, and wins the hand, thus doubling their stack.

A side pot with no money created when a player goes all in and is called by more than one opponent, but not raised. The actual number of chips played for in a hand between players with unequal stacks.

One player has a 12, chip stack and the other player has a 6, chip stack. The effective stack is 6, since that is the most that either player can win in the hand.

This is when a player makes it appear they are thinking long and hard about a decision for a given hand, when in truth, the decision is already made, they are just acting as part of some greater purpose.

The last card dealt up in Hold 'em or Omaha also known as the river , and the third card dealt up in 7-card stud. A common derogatory term for bad players.

By the same token, good players are sometimes called sharks, because they prey on the fish. The three community cards in Hold 'em and Omaha that are dealt face up at the same time followed by the turn and the river.

The verb used to describe hitting a hand on the flop: "I flopped the nut flush - now I just needed to keep the opponents in the hand so they could pay me off.

A hand that consists of cards that are all of one suit. A flush is better than a straight but worse than a full house.

In any given betting round, the 4th bet , but 3rd raise , or the raise of the re-raise. Exactly what i sounds like: For instance is a four-of-a-kind hand.

The only hand that beats four-of-a-king or quads is a straight flush. The fourth card dealt in stud poker, and the card after the flop in Hold 'em and Omaha where it is also known as the turn.

When everybody checks and the next card is dealt without any bets going in, that is called a free card. Unfortunately, he checked behind and I ended up giving a free card which gave my opponent a flush draw.

Similarly, if two players with AKs get all their money into the pot before the flop, but one of them flop three to a flush, he is on a freeroll: He can't lose, but he can win it all.

Sticking with the "can't lose, but can win it all" definition, there are popular online tournaments that are provided by either the pokerrooms themselves or by other poker sites where it costs nothing to enter.

These tournaments are essentially a marketing tool, and are called freeroll tournaments but commonly known only as freerolls.

The most common form of tournament. Once you've lost all your chips, you're out. As opposed to re-buy tournaments.

Also called a boat. A grinder is a player who "grinds out" a profit over the long haul. This player is not a showboat or a loose cannon but rather does what it takes to make even a modest profit over the long term.

Drawing to a straight with one of the middle cards missing, e. This is called a gutshot straight draw also inside straight draw. When there are only two players at the table, they are said to be playing heads-up.

A hand where everyone has folded except for two people is sometimes called a "heads-up pot". A hand without a pair, straight or flush, is called a high-card hand.

For instance, having AQ on a K board is having ace-high. Catching great cards and winning big pots due to statistical fluctuation no, hitting your flush draw three times in a row is not skill.

Also known as a rush. The opposite to cold streak. Pot odds that do not currently exist, but may be included in your calculations because of bets you expect to win if you hit your hand.

This is called an inside straight draw also see gutshot. A hole card which does not formally change the rank of a hand is called a kicker.

If someone else also has kings, it's the size of the kicker that decides who wins. There was a definitive chance that he was bluffing, and even if he wasn't, I still had 3 outs to pair my kicker and take down the pot.

A "loose aggressive" style of play in which a player plays a lot of starting hands and makes many small raises in hopes of out-playing his opponents.

A systematic mistake that a poker player makes is called a leak. This is because the mistake is costing him leaking money in the long run.

To just call the big blind instead of raising it is known as a limp. A hand so strong that it's either impossible or at least wholly unlikely that it can lose no matter what comes on the coming streets.

Having a lock on the pot means that it's time to figure out how to extract the most money out of the other players. A player who calls bets with weak hands or when he doesn't have the odds to justify it.

The opposite of tight. A hand with more than high-card value, e. Usually used as the opposite of a draw: "I checkraised the flop with my flushdraw figuring I could get my opponents to lay down if they missed, but when Johnny made it three bets to go, I was sure he had a made hand.

Popular way to describe someone who seemingly bet or raise with any hand. This was a problem for me, because he had been playing very tightly so far, and I was afraid that he had me beat.

A version of poker in which a player may bet any amount of chips that he has when it is his turn. Someone who has the best possible hand is said to be holding the nuts.

The best possible hand is always at least a set. To bet or call with a draw. When the third heart came on the turn, I was willing to lay my pair down, but he checked, and folded when I bet.

Even if you currently do not have the best hand, there may be ways for you to get the best hand at the table. A card that will give you that hand is called an out.

Fundamental theorem of poker Morton's theorem Pot odds Slow play. Computer poker player Online poker Poker tools.

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Not betting on your hand. The player with the highest amount of chips in a tournament. This can change frequently throughout the tournament.

Used in tournament play if all remaining players decide to split the prize pool equally. This can also be an action in live poker play, called chopping the blinds.

This is when all players fold before the flop, leaving just the small and big blind in play. Those two players decide to simply take their bets back and move on to the next hand.

Used to describe a situation where two opponents have close to the same odds of winning the hand. Usually used to describe an all-in situation between two players.

Used to describe a drawing hand that has multiple options. For example, the player could be drawing for both a straight and a flush.

The cards dealt for all players to use to complete their hands. Cards that are next to each other in value example: , or J-Q. A bet made after the flop when you also raised before the flop.

Used to represent that you still hold a strong hand after the community cards come into play. The player, or more commonly designated person not playing, who hands out the cards to the players.

Refers to an abnormally high initial chip count at the start of play or to a person who has acquired a large chip stack through play.

Usually refers to a hand that is heavily weighted to lose due to a common card between the players. A-9 is dominated by a player holding A-J since an ace will not help the player holding the A An inexperienced player, or a player using extremely poor strategy.

A hand not yet complete to win. You are on a draw when waiting for a community card to complete your hand. When there are no options for you to win the hand.

Any card dealt will not change your losing outcome. Rather than having community cards used to complete your hand, you will discard from your cards and be dealt new cards from the deck that are solely for your use.

A board that shows community cards that are unlikely to contribute to high ranking hands. A mathematical evaluation of the value in playing your hand.

Is calculated relating to equity. The expected value in a hand is how much you are expected to win in correlation to the odds of the hand. Cards dealt that are not seen by the group.

A hand in which all, or at least most, players are actively playing. The last active table in a tournament that consisted of multiple tables.

A poker game that has a set limit for the amount that can be bet and raised in each round of play. To get rid of your cards and no longer be involved in that round of gameplay.

The amount of equity you can gain in a hand if an opponent folds in response to your action. A bet that is required and not the choice of the player.

This includes antes and blinds. When no betting is made during that round. This card is considered a free card. Refers to a tournament in which no entry fee is paid to play.

In a freezeout tournament, a player is eliminated when their chip stack is gone. There are no opportunities for re-buys or add-ons.

A hand with three cards of the same rank along with a pair Also referred to as a boat. Refers to a specific style of poker play.

A grinder is a player that plays for a long period of time aiming for smaller payouts to make a profit rather than large pots over a shorter period.

This type of tournament will have a guaranteed prize pool amount regardless of how many players pay the entry fee to play. This usually occurs when preparing to move to a final table.

In hand-for-hand play, each table must wait for all tables to complete the current hand before dealing the next.

A record of your previous hands. Available in online poker play. An option available in online poker play that displays statistical information about your opponent.

A type of poker where the highest hand and the lowest hand each take half the pot. Refers to a player that wins a large sized pot in a cash game, then immediately leaves the table.

Kein Spieler erhält mehr als einen Chip. Haben 2 Spieler Karten mit gleichem Wert so entscheidet die Farbe. Ein Chip-Chop kann die Teilung der Chips bedeuten.

Wenn der Pot unter den Spielern verteilt wird spricht man von einem Chop. Dies kann sowohl in der regulären Spielphase, als auch beim Aushandeln eines Deals des Preisgeldest am Final-Table passieren.

Man nennt diese Karten auch das "Board". Als "Connectors bezeichnet man zwei aufeinanderfolgende Karten. Beispiele sind 9 und 10 oder Bube und Dame.

Die Position bzw. Mit Cut-Off wird vor allem diese Position bezeichnet. Der Dealer-Button wandert dann jede Runde einen Spieler weiter.

Hier fehlt zur Komplettierung der Hand jeweils nurnoch eine Karte. Die Standorte können auch wechseln. Dies findet ausserhalb Europas statt, zählt aber zu dieser Turnierserie.

Das Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure findet jährlich im Januar auf den Bahamas statt und zählt zweifelsohne zu den attraktivsten Live-Turnieren.

Der Family Pot wird auch "Multiy-way-Pot" genannt und bezeichnet einen Pot in dem alle oder fast alle Spieler des Tisches sich vor dem Flop beteiligen.

Als Fish bezeichnet man in der Poker-Sprache einen absoluten Neuling und unerfahrenen Spieler, der oftmals schlechte Entscheidungen trifft.

Fish ist dabei eine abwertende Bezeichnung. Als Flop werden die ersten drei "Community Cards", also Gemeinschaftskarten, genannt. Diese werden alle gemeinsam aufgedeckt.

Möchte man seine Karten aufgeben oder einen Einsatz nicht mitgehen, hat man die Möglichkeit zu "folden".

Dann kann man am weiteren Spielverlauf dieser Hand aber nicht weiter teilnehmen. Wenn alle Spieler Post-Flop checken, es also keinen Einsatz gibt und die nächste Karte kostentlos auf den Tisch kommt, spricht man von einer "free card".

Er teilt also im schlimmsten Fall den Pot. Im besten Fall gewinnt er ihn. Er hat also einen "Freeroll".

Spieler 1 teilt sich im schlimmsten Fall den Pot. Im besten Fall trifft er seinen Flush und gewinnt die Hand. Spieler 2 kann im besten Fall den Pot teilen.

Spieler 1 hat daher einen "Freeroll". Ein Guartanteed Prizepool ist die Mindestsumme, die ein Turnierpreispool beträgt. Der Turnierveranstalter garantiert also einen Gesampreispool, egal wie viele Spieler an diesem Turnier teilnehmen.

Ein hoher Guaranteed Prizepool zieht häufig viele Spieler an. Bei einem Heads-Up stehen sich zwei Spieler gegenüber. Dies kann in einer einzelnen Hand oder auf Grund der Turniervariante der Fall sein.

High Roller sind Spieler, die mit einem hohen Einsatz spielen. Einige Turniere werden als High-Roller Turniere bezeichnet, da der Grundeinsatz wesentlich höher ist, als bei "normalen" Turnieren.

Die Hole Cards sind die Startkarten und werden auch Handkarten genannt. Sie sind also die 2 Starkarten, die jeder Spieler zu Beginn einer Runde verdeckt zugeteilt bekommt.

Der "Kicker" ist die Beikarte, die bei gleicher Handstärke über den Sieger entscheidet. Wenn zwei Spieler also beim Showdown die selbe Handstärke aufweisen entscheidet der Kicker über den Sieger.

Over cards Any cards higher than the flop cards that would give Mahjongg Kostenlos. A term used to describe board texture Casino Cards flop games. A player that finishes the tournament in a position that does not pay any money from the prize pool. Perceived potential chips or money player expects to Best New Online Casino from his opponent if he completes his draw. Einen Einsatz callen, nachdem dieser Einsatz bereits von einem oder mehreren Spielern gecallt wurde. Als Bankroll bezeichnet man, das dem Spieler zur Verfügung stehende Kapital, mit dem dieser bereit 3% Entgelt Casino / Lotterien / Wettanbieter zu spielen. Als Action bezeichnet man die Aktivität der Spieler in einer Setzrunde. Auch wenn die Pot Odds im Moment nur betragen, könnten Sie nun jene Einsätze, die höchstwahrscheinlich noch auf dem Turn oder River gebracht werden, bereits als "im Pot vorhanden" in Ihre Kalkulation einbeziehen. Kimberg A common derogatory term for bad players. Also known as a full house. Als Button bezeichnet man den Dealer-Button. This is used to increase betting action against you in order to increase pot size. Im besten Fall trifft er seinen Flush und gewinnt die Hand. A style of tournament in which players can purchase more chips to re-enter the tournament if all their original chip stack is lost. Die letzte Karte eines bestimmten Werts oder einer bestimmten Farbe, die noch im Kartenstapel El Solin Hannover kann. This statistic is calculated by dividing the total number of bets and raises a player has made by their total amount of calls. These tournaments usually only allow a player to rebuy for a Poker Glossar period of time in the beginning.

Dabei steht Europa auf den Grundfesten der abendlГndischen Tradition, aber sie, Poker Glossar Sie auch 20 Freispiele mit Umsatzfreien Spins im Book of Dead spielen, Poker Slots Games Online Free Poker Glossar aufgrund ihrer auГergewГhnlich guten Boni Гberzeugen. - Navigationsmenü

Sie treffen etwa jedes dritte Mal Ihren Flush. Poker Glossar - Liste aller Poker-Begriffe und Definitionen. Das umfassendste Poker Term Wörterbuch, das von den entwickelt wurde. Offizielles Glossar der Pokerbegriffe – Pokersprache erklärt. Cash games. Explore poker on Twitch. Meet our Ambassadors. We are poker. Any game. Any time. The best poker tournaments PokerStars is home to the best online poker begriffe. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled and may poker . Pokerbegriffe, Glossar, Lexikon, Biographien und Definitionen. Alle Begriffe aus Texas Hold’em und Poker allgemein.
Poker Glossar A situation in which we put in the last preflop raise and are in position postflop against one or two players. The term was coined in this poker sense by Tommy Angelo and is one of the most profitable situations in poker. Poker Terms and Abbreviations Glossary If you're new to poker, listening to more experienced players talk about the game might make you think they're speaking a different language. There are so many poker terms, abbreviations, and even some slang, that it requires some studying (or googling) to truly understand poker talk. poker glossary familiarize yourself with the poker lingo used in poker tournaments. Go directly to any letter by clicking on it A - B - C - D - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - W - Y - Z. The rim of a poker table or a barrier outside a poker area. Railbird Someone who hangs around a poker room who watches the games and/or is looking to get into action. Double-Draw: any of several Draw poker games in which the draw phase and subsequent betting round are repeated twice. Double Raise: the minimum raise in a no-limit or pot-limit game, raising by just the amount of the current bet. Draw Poker (games): games in which players are dealt a complete hand, hidden, and then improve it by replacing cards. Poker-Glossar. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV. Hier findest du eine umfassende Auflistung aller wichtigen Poker-Fachbegriffe, einen Glossar aller technischen Termini und Anglizismen des. Poker Glossar Als Action bezeichnet man die Aktivität der Spieler in einer Setzrunde. Solche Aktivitäten können Check, Bet, Call, Raise, Re-Raise oder Fold. Poker Glossar - Alle Begriffe die du beim Pokern kennen musst.

Poker Glossar

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